Trending in TN: Video of boy singing to his down syndrome brother, cat disturbing monk during prayer and much more..

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Trending in TN: Video of boy singing to his down syndrome brother, cat disturbing monk during prayer and much more..


Video of boy singing to his Down Syndrome brother delights netizens
Elder brothers do not usually shower affection on their younger siblings but this viral video proves otherwise. A young boy, who adores his younger brother sings to the little baby to sleep. Posted on social platform, a little boy Rayce, was singing to his baby brother Tripp, suffering from Down Syndrome. The video captured by their mother, Nicole Powell, a police officer at Arkansas, shows the adorable duo in a world of their own. As the video progresses with Rayce singing, the little brother cradled in his arms did not budge nor move his gaze from his elder brother.
Images of animals in German zoo eating up Christmas tree amuse Twitterati
As the Christmas season winds up in, many have already started to pack up their trees and decorations to store them away for the next year, however a zoo in German has other ideas, by feeding it to animals in the zoo. The once in a year treat arrived at Tierpark, one of German’s prime zoo enclosure. Tierpark Zoo in Berlin shared a video on their Twitter feed showing animals enjoying their annual festive snack. Users who saw them munching away their ‘healthy’ food were glad that the animals aere being taken care of well. The zoo authorities insisted that they get the trees from only selected vendors.
Cute video of cat disturbing monk in prayer gets attention online
Are you a pet lover? If so, you can relate how this monk would have felt when this cat kept on disturbing him while he was praying. Home to a dozen homeless cats, Wat Udomrangsi, treats them well. However, the monk in prayer was unable to stop one of the cat’s antics while he was meditating despite a stern one side warning by his senior, who was sitting next to him. Even though the monk tried to slightly nudge the feline away, it did not budge and at the end, the monk had to give in to his demands and petted him. This cute video won the hearts of pet lovers and users commented similar incidents.

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