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Trending in TN: 'Unicorn' cheerfully clearing away snow, a family photo of 17 dogs and cats and more

Funny, infuriating and heart-warming, videos and memes go viral when they touch the right chord. DT Next curates the top shares online that are going viral.

Trending in TN: Unicorn cheerfully clearing away snow, a family photo of 17 dogs and cats and more


‘Unicorn’ cheerfully clearing away snow has netizens wanting it over at theirs too

It sure would be a thrill if the mythical unicorn were to ever pop up out of the blue, but netizens also got high in spirits after seeing one clearing the driveway of snow. In a video that’s gone viral, a ‘unicorn’-complete with a rainbow mane and tail-is seen dancing while clearing snow with a red snowblower. Filmed in New York, the video also shows the unicorn doing the occasional jump and groove as it goes on about the laborious task. So popular has the ‘unicorn’ become online that Meghan Hughes finally revealed herself to have put on the costume, even as netizens cheered on. Some even asked if the unicorn would turn up to clear the snow off their driveway.

This ‘family photo’ with seventeen has caught the awe of the Internet

Netizens were both awed and moved in heart at the same time by a woman’s successful attempt at taking a “family photo”. After all, 30-year-old Kathy Smith from the Wales got 17 of her furry friends to sit still on a couch looking at the camera. The photo that’s got the internet talking shows eight dogs and nine cats, some standing while others sitting, posing for the adorable picture. While the woman says the photo, even capturing a cat resting her back on a white coloured dog, was made possible with her bribing the pets with treats, netizens were quick to show their appreciation for the feat. Some even confided how difficult it was to get a family portrait, let alone one with their pets.

Marking on polar bear in Russia sparks outrage online

The footage of a polar bear has sparked the Internet’s instant outrage. The clip, after all, shows the Arctic circle native roaming around in Russia with black paint on its back, bearing the letters ‘T-34’. The viral video that was shared by a World Wildlife Federation employee drew condemnation from all corners. While a debate is on into many aspects, including the significance of the letters, netizens on coming to know that the marking would impede the animal’s hunting activity, shot several angry comments. While some threw light on how vulnerable the animal has become, others even called the Russians “disgusting people” for the act.

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