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Trending in TN: Progressive Afghan father, Empathic autistic child and a 'Talking Tom' cat

Funny, infuriating and heart-warming, videos and memes go viral when they touch the right chord. DT Next curates the top shares online that are going viral.

Trending in TN: Progressive Afghan father, Empathic autistic child and a Talking Tom cat


Netizens laud Afghan father for treating his daughters’ education as ‘valuable’

It is not very usual for fathers to support their daughters in Afghanistan, especially when they wished to study but Mia Khan proves to be an exemption in this case. Netizens were overwhelmed when they saw that this father of three daughters ‘considered it as his duty’ to make his daughters study. Being an illiterate, Mia wanted felt his daughters’ education as ‘valuable’ and he makes sure to drop them at their school and picks them up when school is over. Shared on Facebook by an NGO, the news won the hearts of many online. A user commented, ”We need such great fathers today! His work and attitude is valuable,” while another said,”Proud of such fathers, this news made my day. He is hero.”

Internet learns empathy as Down Syndrome kid consoles autistic child

It was such an overwhelming moment for Twitteratis when a video of an autistic child being consoled by a Down Syndrome kid did the rounds on Internet. The one-minute video shows a small child with Down Syndrome wiping the tears of an autistic child and later hugging him. The autistic child who seems to be crying seated on a table leans into his friend when the latter comes to hug him. Posted by a Twitter handle, Stance Grounded, he captioned the video as ‘This is Empathy is its purest form’. Users who viewed the viral video were shocked and found the incident very touching. A user commented,”Our own angels on Earth,” while another stated,”Some kids just give you new hope for humanity in this cruel world.”

Video of feline’s ‘meow’ as “Well, Hi” grabs attention of many online

A ginger cat named Gambino became famous overnight after its ’meow’ went viral as it did not have the usual decibel but sounded more like a greeting. Gambino’s owner who made a TikTok video of its cat showed how the cat greeted rather than just its usual sound. In the video, the feline is seen running from another cat and hiding behind a refrigerator and when the owner tries to confront it, Gambino greets him with a meow, that sounded on the lines, “Well, Hi”, with a thick accent. Immediately,  it starts to groom itself. Users who found the video amusing, laughed at the way Gambino reacted and many approved that it said, “Well, hi”. A user from South Mississippi said,”I keep listening to it and yes, that is what it said. I am from the same region and I approve it.”

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