STR quits social media citing ‘negativity’

The actor on Monday deactivated his Twitter account and said that he was tired of fake news and fake accounts on social media. The actor said he was disturbed by the fake tweets and parody accounts in his name. The actor added that there was too much hatred on social media and that he only wanted to spread love.
STR quits social media citing ‘negativity’
Actor Silambarasan


“In spite of negativism, positivity was my forte but today’s social media!!! Negativity is too dominating, and I’m scared to be a part. Social media was necessary as a celebrity but I prefer to follow my heart. So before I depart. just wanna say, always chose love. Happy Independence Day (sic),” tweeted the actor-director. He went on to add that not only actors, but politicians too, go through a tough time on social media. 
“Everybody keeps pointing out only the mistakes we do. It is getting difficult to satisfy them all. Abusive language has become common in the name of criticism,” he rued. He also said that social media platforms could and should be used for constructive purposes. 
“People do not get to know the exact news on social media. There are thousands of people diluting the essence of real news before it reaches the audience,” said STR. He said he will miss interacting with his fans and help promoting other films.

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