Bubble art: It’s more than just detergent

International bubble artist Agustin Viglione, who is performing for the first time in India, speaks about his upcoming act in the city, the challenges in the art form and how it’s given him a better perspective of life.
Bubble art: It’s more than just detergent
Artist Agustin Viglione creating a soap bubble installation


Bubbles may last only a second, but the memories of blowing, chasing and bursting them, last a lifetime. It’s one childhood memory that’s perhaps shared by people across the world. However, what is uncommon, is taking up bubble making as a career. Over the past two decades, Argentinian Agustin, has explored the fascinating world of soap bubbles, transforming the simple bubble into a beautiful piece of art by combining it with science. Speaking about how he began blowing and popping bubbles, he says, “When I was about 20, I saw a magician perform small acts using soap bubbles. It was simple yet fascinating. But the joy it brought among the kids watching was unparalleled. That moment, I decided that I wanted to master this art and till date I am striving for it. Also, I’ve always wanted to work with something that would amuse me. Every time I work with soap bubbles, it gives me that amusement. I feel like a magician with this art form. The best thing about this art form is that it actually makes you feel younger. It brings out the child in you.” 
However, the art form takes a lot of practice to master and comes with its fair share of challenges. “It is a very delicate and intricate art form. When you have a large crowd of people sitting in front of you performing this, you can’t afford to make mistakes. The final outcome has to be nothing but perfection. Also, when you’re performing, the weather and environment play a very big role, and you have no control over it. However, the biggest challenge is finding the right formula. In my initial years, my whole house was filled with detergent,” he shares. 
Agustin, who has won the ‘The Magic and Arts Convention’ in Buenos Aires, the biggest magic convention in America, studied the science behind soap bubbles for over five years. “Before learning to perform, we learn to prepare and utilise the unique solution. That gives the confidence to experiment. During my early years, I had approached a lot of bubble artists to understand more about this art, but nobody wanted to reveal their secret. I am glad that I learnt it all by myself,” says Viglione, who will be performing a series of intricate acts at Phoenix MarketCity on August 13 to 15. His interactive act will involve blowing smoke in soap bubbles, blowing 20 bubbles inside one bubble and involving kids in the act.
For the nonce though, he says, “At the end of the day, I want people to know that bubble art is more than just detergent. It teaches one patience and makes everything around colourful and bright. I think it has made me a better person and given me a better perspective of life. It has also taught me to stay humble and appreciate the simple pleasures in life.” 

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