Your daily predictions February 10, 2017

A daily forecast by astrological researcher G Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog
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Astro Talk


Date: Friday, February 10, 2017 
Yogam: Sowbaghyam 
Tamil year: Dhurmukhi 
Karanam: Vanisai 
Month & day: Thai-28 
Rahukalam: 10.30-12.00 noon 
Yamakantam: 3.00-4.30 pm 
Natchatram: Aayilyam 
Sunrise: 6.37 am 
Thithi: Pournami 
Sunset: 6.08 pm
ASWINI: As there’s a chance of a change of place, get ready for the same at the earliest possible time.  Some good friends would visit you from foreign countries. Enjoy the day with dining with them.  
BARANI: A day of total gains for traders and businessmen. Avoid policy decisions and signing of documents or agreements. Relax your mind and concentrate on your work alone. Deviation of thoughts are foreseen.  
KARTHIGAI: You have been a person of honesty all these days for family members, but now they will treat you like an unwanted person.  Some would be interrogated by police officials. Don’t bother about provocations. 
ROHINI: Don’t give room to second thoughts. Parents health would be a major concern today. Approach the right physician and set right the issue. Some will have help from friends and family.  
MIRUGASEERSHAM: First half of the day is totally hectic. Evening would be a period of relaxation with all your work finished on time. Government support is extended today without any hiccups.  
THIRUVATHIRAI: Get advice of parents and stay blessed. Documentation of all your works is necessary as the credit for all your hard work could go to others.  Stay alert with your assigned projects and finish on time.  
PUNARPOOSAM: A day of total happiness. Some will see their savings depleted due to family expenses. Kids love would be pleasing. Some can have a plan to visit nearby temples and fulfil their pending vows.
POOSAM: Help those who are really in dire need. A day of total gains and expenses. Mixed results foreseen. Don’t commit for any help to others for you could burn your own fingers.  
AAYILYAM: Assign the business deal requiring prompt action to designated people. Some sort of inner fear would disturb you the whole day. Give things a break and relax with your family today. 
MAGAM: Avoid making any commitments today. Hindrance in your work, and other activities is foreseen today.  Some sort of expenses are also in the pipeline. Take care on your belongings.  
POORAM: All that you utter would be against you. Works are repetitive and would on drag till evening for completion.  Family disturbances are also foreseen. Avoid arguing with women today.  
UTHTHIRAM: A day of luck and prosperity. Some have an opportunity to meet trusted old friends and exchange good thoughts and ideas. Some of you would take a wise and well thought out decision on life today. 
HASTHAM: Your thoughts are put into action today.  Disturbances by friends are foreseen.  Beware of new ideas given by new friends, which would turn into a nightmare. Avoid taking up new ventures today.  
CHITHIRAI: Some have the opportunity to go dining with friends tonight. Avoid speculations today. Your investment on property can be put on hold for a couple of days due to malefic planetary impact. 
SWATHI: Weigh your words well before uttering anything.  Avoid speculations. Some have good family bonding with elders and siblings. Some of you would go on a pilgrimage to faraway places. 
VISAGAM: Evening would be a good time to rejoice.  Till then hectic work pressures are foreseen. Family members bring you good news today. Some can face health issues too. Take care while driving.  
ANUSHAM: Kids love would fetch you good name and fame. Unwanted expenses would crop up today. Avoid purchase of unnecessary things which are already available at home.  
KETTAI: Evening would be a time to spend with family members Your words are put into action and works completed without hindrance. Some can face disturbance on their routine works, but can be managed. 
MOOLAM: Happiness prevails all day without a break. Works are finished fast and as per schedules and priorities. Have a great time with holy darshan of deities nearby with spouse and friends. 
POORADAM: Hectic schedules are ahead today. Be careful while handling machinery and equipment today. Go ahead and get the desired things useful for your life. What you wanted would be fulfilled today. 
UTHRADAM: A day of dilemma on thoughts which delays the work schedules. Some would have new, interesting assignments. Meetings would be postponed suddenly as other works pop up.  Hectic day ahead.  
THIRUVONAM: Avoid arguments with government officials who are authorised for the purpose. Give a second thought to all your deals. Some would arrive at perfect decisions, leading to complete success. 
AVITTAM: Don’t give room to second thoughts today. Take suggestion from your trusted friend in case of any difficulty. Decide and finish the pending work with required materials and proceed forward. 
SATHAYAM: Your actions are being watched closely. A day of mixed results. Some will get gains while others could face hurdles in their work. A friend’s help would be very useful in your projects.  
PURATAATHI: Expenses are foreseen on medical grounds. Morning would be relaxed.  Evening will be full of hectic pressures. Traders foresee a good profit on their investments.  Parental health would be worrisome.  
UTHIRATAATHI: Get along with your new friend and complete the project.  Beware of speculation. A day of great experience and new adventures. Some would be proud of these, while few would be indifferent. 
REVATHI: Disregard all provocations, which are baseless and pointless. Take a policy decision today, which would turn your life for the better. All worries bothering you till now will be gone. New avenues open up.

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