Try a Japanese donburi meal this season

If you thought that Japanese cuisine is all about suhis, sashimis and ramen, then you surely need to try out a delicious and flavourful portion of donburi. It is a one-bowl meal of rice and toppings of your choice and is extremely popular in the country. Yakiniku, the Japanese popup eatery at Hyatt Regency Chennai is hosting a Donburi festival till November 20.
Try a Japanese donburi meal this season
Try a Japanese donburi meal this season


Chef Shohei gives us more insight into this dish.
What exactly is a Donburi ? Give a detailed description of the dish
Donburi means rice bowl. It’s a simple dish where fish, chicken, vegetables and other ingredients are simmered together and served over rice. Donburi is a general term for ‘bowl’ in Japan. However, it also popularly refers to a bowl of cooked rice with some other food served on top of it. There exists a variety of donburi dishes, differing in their toppings. We have come up with what seems like the simpler side of Japanese food, an easy initiation for anyone who’s just starting out on the cuisine.
Is the one-bowl meal hugely popular in Japan? Is it consumed on special occasions?
Donburi is as popular in Japan as biryani in India. It’s a kind of street food which is consumed by Japanese during lunch, dinner, family get-togethers or when they are looking out for some quick eats. Donburi can be made from almost any ingredients, including leftovers. Tell us about your version of the dish We will cook Donburi in an authentic way and will be offering different varieties to suit everyone’s palate. From vegetarian options to chicken and seafood variety; everything is available on the menu.
Do you feel a donburi meal will be liked by Indian foodies like many other Japanese favourites. 
Yes! I am sure Indian palate will enjoy this because I have seen people enjoying their rice meals more than anything, especially down south. Donburi is a complete meal, quick and full of flavours. Through this festival we also want to dispel the popular notions that Japanese food is mostly about bite-sized sushis, that it weighs in on the side of undercooked food and that this cuisine doesn’t make place for fast food. The Japanese usually vary donburi ingredients, depending on the season; so we are offering vegetable and prawn tempura on rice, chicken katsu and cabbage on rice and salmon on rice among other options. 

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