Interiors: Grand makeover for your mini-sized room

Planning to take a one-room studio apartment in a plush colony? Don’t feel bad that it’s too small to do anything. You can do a lot to make the compact room look elegant and spacious. Because you have only one room doesn’t mean your decor can’t give shape to your ideas and dreams. We offer you a few suggestions.
Interiors: Grand makeover for your mini-sized room


Divide and rule: Use a curtain  to  create a ‘normal’ wall to separate one section from another. A flowy white curtain permits a flood of natural light, while maintaining a chic aesthetic. You can even try out glass partitions. It does take away some of the privacy but you are left with a very airy and open feel. Large mirrors help emphasise the openness and spaciousness of the room, making the room a cosy and functional look.
Pop of colour: We all know white walls make a space look bigger, but that doesn’t mean you should say no to colour. Skip the wall paint and designate the most vibrant shade to the room’s focal point (such as the couch or bed) with a subtle flow of hues throughout the rest of the space. It will make your room appear more vibrant and cheerful.
Make a statement with furniture: Signature furniture, lighting and artwork are what truly make a space shine. Don’t settle for anything but must-have pieces, and then echo the tones in a favourite painting or rug throughout your space to create cohesiveness.
Play with patterns: Bold and beautiful, this tiny studio doesn’t shy away from colour and pattern, and we love it. If you have a weird layout or only one window, bring interest and colour into the space with wallpaper or a painted, accent wall.'
Create open spaces: When you are decorating a studio, try to keep accessories to the minimum for a soothing look. We love all the house plants in this light and bright apartment.

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