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Thoughtful Father's Day gifts to show dad you care

Here is a list of options that you can gift your Father, this Father’s Day.

Thoughtful Fathers Day gifts to show dad you care

Gym bag

CHENNAI: Here is a list of options that you can gift your Father, this Father’s Day.

Gym kit: If your dad enjoys staying fit, consider gifting him a gym kit complete with new workout clothes, walking or running shoes, a cap, a water bottle, and a set of headphones. If fitness isn't his thing yet, introduce him to a nearby gym and surprise him with a gym membership card. Your father's health should always be a top priority.

Personalised wallet: It is a thoughtful gift for any man, as it's often an essential possession. With a wide range of high-quality leather options available, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect one. Consider adding a personal touch by engraving his initials, name, or a special message inside the wallet. This makes it a meaningful reminder of your appreciation every time he uses it.

Meet-up with friends: Arrange a surprise meet-up with your dad's childhood or school/college friends this Father’s Day. It's likely your father has fond memories of these friendships. Organising a gathering of a few of his friends in the city will make him happy and proud of you for putting in the effort to bring them together.

Family lunch/dinner. Treat your dad to a meal at his favourite restaurant, or if time permits, curate a special dinner at home. You can bake a cake and decorate the house with flowers and lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It's a wonderful way to show your dad how much you appreciate him surrounded by loved ones.

Set up a garden: If he's retired and looking for ways to spend his free time, consider setting up a garden. This not only provides a productive pastime but also offers relaxation and a connection with nature. Start with simple gardening tasks and gradually introduce him to a kitchen garden. Encourage him to explore cooking with the produce from his garden, keeping him engaged and mentally refreshed. It's a fulfilling and enjoyable hobby that can bring him joy and satisfaction.

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