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Tarot: On the cards

Here are two phrases that can shift your energy from a lower vibration to a higher one. Each word has some power to influence.

Tarot: On the cards


Sometimes the stars align so well that almost everything one asks for, gets fulfilled. In the week ahead for those born under this sign will see good money and ambitions being realised, and also the younger lot in your life doing very well and going in right directions. The Ten of Pentacles shows money coming in from unexpected sources and the Queen of Wands shows the strength of character and purpose when it comes to getting dreams realised when it concerns work.


The Sun card shows that you are in the limelight, just as your children if any. The Sun card also shows success and growth, especially if there is a business you are involved in. While all this is going on, the Five of Cups indicates a sense of isolation and being alienated from all that is going around you. Sometimes you are unable to see the good things as you seem to focus on what is not there. Now is the time to keep your emotional balance.


You could be feeling at odds with the world and people in general. To you, they seem hostile, and you also suspect they talk maliciously behind your back. The Five of Wands shows that this is to do with the way you deal with people. Meanwhile, there is good news on the work front where you are a leader. The Six of Wands shows that when it comes to work situations, there is no one quite like you. Therefore, your true worth is this.


Now is the time that you have great clarity about work and ideas you want to put out into the world. The Ace of Swords shows that you are very sure of yourself and the ideas you generate. Also you are being supported by the forces that be, so you are on the right track. The Justice card is an endorsement that things are going as per the book. If there are feelings of frustration, get rid of them as they are irrelevant.


The Queen of Swords shows the absolute command you have over your life. You are looked up for your strength, and the clarity with which you think and plan. The Two of Pentacles shows that you try not to spend too much and think a lot before splurging and allow others to believe that you have limited resources but that is not really the case. Because of these factors you are also emotionally very balanced and don’t go about from one end to the other.


Having the presence of a strong individualistic male, makes you feel secure as the King of Wands is indicating. It is also that you could be this person, who provides guidance and succour to those around you. The King of Wands also helps you understand the ambitions and drive you possess. The Lovers card shows a harmonious time when two people in love are happy and balanced. But the mind is such that despite everything being good.


Concentration is on the young person in your life and their career goals, ambitions and how all of that will likely affect you. The Page of Wands shows that everything is going along the right way, and any uncertainty are just small hiccups in an otherwise good life. The Eight of Wands shows multiple ideas and talent you possess. But to avoid burnout, space things out, so that you can enjoy all that you do with both time and energy on your side.


Planning, building, renovation or buying property are possible now. The Three of Pentacles shows that you could be saving money to put all these into action. The Nine of Pentacles indicates that you are ready for it monetarily and otherwise. The Nine of Pentacles also puts you on a good place when it comes to earning money and helping others in need. Some ideas you have in your mind will show results in about eight weeks’ time.


You could be feeling a bit unsettled now, with your mind being in a restless state. The Moon card shows your mood swings that happen, and sometimes, you go with it and feel like nothing is going as per plan. But that is an illusion as the Wheel of Fortune indicates because life is going on track and it is the over-thinking and anxiety that make it all so scary. You are on a good wicket as you know what you want and how to go about it. Tough times will pass.


The Eight of Cups shows a tendency to avoid people and situations hoping that ignoring them will solve issues. You would want to move away, but the only way to deal with things is to face them head on. The Knight of Cups shows journeys in search of new areas of ideas, work and collaborations. You are also likely to go on a trip soon that will make you feel much better. Also, exploring new avenues brings in fresh energies.


The Knight of Wands indicates preoccupation with the younger lot in your life and that will take up much of your time in the week ahead. This card also points to the desire for such people to do well in their careers. The Judgement card comes to tell you to introspect about what is important to you or are you ruled by the material wealth and desires? If you want emotional stability, then you will need to be more inward bound.


The Emperor card come to tell you that you are being guided and led by a strong personality in all your endeavours, which is actually a good thing for you. The Emperor also shows you the path, and is a good support system for all of those around you too. The Page of Cups indicates the work and life of youngsters, who move on to work life balance and exploring new avenues of goals and targets to be met. It is a new beginning for some of you in the area of work.

Chitra Mahesh
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