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Tarot: On the cards

Tarot: On the cards


A good week coming up for those born under this sign as the two cards- the Ten of Cups and the Wheel of Fortune make their appearance indicating harmonious family environment. The Ten of Cups also shows happy time with family and dear ones and that sets the base for all other things to also fall into place. The Wheel of Fortune suggests that things will start to align in your favour. In the coming few months, there will be a good upswing in your fortunes.


For many Taureans this is a time of a great good will, popularity, being sought after and many things that gladden the heart. The Six of Cups indicates that you will be sought out for your goodness and wisdom. The Emperor shows that there is the presence of a strong male, who has your back. You are protected and taken care of. Meanwhile, you will find happiness in the good relationship you see with those you love and their relationships.


Anyone close to you who is on the path to achieving and going after their dreams, you will encourage to do their best. This can be you too, but most probably it will be those who are younger than you and their well-being and success matters to you. The Knight of Wands is suggesting that, while the Empress shows supreme confidence and being on top of things at this point. Patience is required to deal with it all.


The Two of Cups shows a good equation between you and your significant other, where there is understanding and harmony in the relationship. Yet the Eight of Swords suggests that there are chances of being stuck in a situation and that could be the result of profound over thinking. If there is any way you can detach from all these limitations, you will find that life can be uncomplicated and fun.


Sometimes things come in the most innocuous manner and you won’t even realise that some opportunities have actually presented themselves to you. You could miss them either because you have strong ideas of how things should be. Do take a look at whatever comes your way and then. This is indicated by the Four of Cups and the Two of Wands suggests overseas travel – could be sudden or could be with regard to new work or collaborations.


The Knight of Swords shows that you are in battle mode and you are determined to get the best. You will also tend to be aggressive. And fueling all this is the burning ambition to achieve and make a name for yourself as you are a creative talented person (the Nine of Wands) and your biggest grouse is that you are not acknowledged enough for the work you do. There are also chances of you traveling in connection to your work.


It is a bit of an overwhelming time and this could be mostly to do with the work load you are facing. While it is good that you are packed with work, the pressure of getting things done as per the deadline can be daunting. Do things one at a time, breathing deeply and calmly. This is what the Seven of Wands shows. Meanwhile, the Sun card shows how much you are in the limelight and the attention you are being given. Be aware of your spending habits.


All focus will be on the youngsters in the family and you will be cheering for their success. The Knight of Pentacles indicates that career and the money earning capacity of a particular one will be your major preoccupation and you can rest assured that this person will do very well. The Six of Swords shows that you are in a good place if married and you have made your peace with what you have. Put your thoughts of independence away and take what is being offered.


If married, then you could be feeling a bit claustrophobic or tied down without any real reason for being borderline unhappy. This is what it is and you are willing to make peace with it all. The Devil card tells you that enduring is better than making changes that could make you feel isolated. This is something the Five of Cups shows. There is no such thing as perfect. Being content with what there is can be the way forward. Money wise, be careful while spending.


Studious, industrious are words to describe you now as you work hard to earn your living. The Eight of Pentacles suggests that for all the work you do, you are also compensated very well. The Three of Cups shows that somehow you do manage to take some time off to enjoy yourself and get a break from the workload. The Three of Cups also indicates that you could be in a threesome relationship. Your mind gives you all sorts of scenarios, but don’t pay much heed to it all.


The King of Swords shows the presence of a strong male who will be like a leader and will help you see the path. There is clarity about the purpose of your work and what you do will be clearly delineated by him. The Fool card shows that you do desire some amount of freedom. But you will be held back by this very person whose motto is never to do things impulsively. Mind over heart, always seems to rule in your case.


cheThe Eight of Wands is a clear indication that you are ambitious and persistent about what you want to achieve. You have many interests and you would like to pursue all of them at once. But it would be prudent to do things one by one, instead of multitasking. The Queen of Cups shows that emotionally you have a tough time keeping your feelings under control and while you are strong and determined, you are also under a lot of pressure to be a particular way.

Chitra Mahesh
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