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Tarot: On the cards

Words have power to change the reality. Here are some of the words that work if you believe and there is an intense desire to get only the best.

Tarot: On the cards


While the relationship angle of yours, your children or close associates- are good but your emotions regarding these relations could make you feel overwhelmed. You have to realise that everything is perfect. The Lovers card and the Temperance card are indicators of this. Meanwhile you do feel a bit alone even in a crowd, but you know you are divinely supported so that keeps you going.


The Knight of Cups and the Page of Wands show that there is increased activity when it comes to the work and directions being taken by the children in the family or those of close friends and well-wishers. The Knight of Cups shows travel to explore new opportunities, while the Page of Wands indicates that work is priority. You could also have a hand in the endeavors. Going overseas is also on the cards.


As the year comes to an end, it is also time for you to be a bit carefree and enjoy the holiday season. Do what gives you pleasure and relaxation. The Fool card encourages you to explore and see the world in all its glory. And the Wheel of Fortune gives you support. Right now is a good time to enjoy the fact that you are in this world. If there is a partner, even better.


The week ahead is one where you need to watch your words, actions and intentions. The Knight of Swords shows you could end up being aggressive and will tend to go to do everything on a war footing. You would definitely want things to go your way. This can make you feel overwhelmed and emotional as the Queen of Cup shows. While you are on top of everything, your emotional reactions can make you feel down.


Your primary relationship is good right now. The Two of Cups shows that there is harmony to make things peaceful. Therefore, emotionally this can be energising. The High Priestess indicates that life is teaching many lessons. Learn all you can for there is nothing better than gaining wisdom through all the lessons. The High Priestess also asks you to take up challenges in a welcoming manner. The work of the youngsters will make you feel excited.


The Ace of Cups shows there is a good feeling about everything – emotionally you are in a better space. The Ace also ensures that you keep your cool knowing that things always work out well. The Nine of Pentacles indicates abundance and a sense of fulfillment as you keep your position of being the glue that holds everything together. You will be involved with the activities of the youngsters in your life in a big way.


The right things are happening to you now. The Justice card declares that justice is delayed not denied. All that you are hoping and wanting are ready to bear fruit in the days ahead. The Ace of Wands shows that you are asking for ambitions, work and recognition. All are yours and do not have any doubt about it. A powerful person is behind your success and all inputs given from this person is valuable.


Your primary preoccupation is to see how best you can make your money work for you. There are many demands but there has to be cautiousness when it comes down to it. The Four of Pentacles shows that there is that much resources so you would want to keep things to yourself. The Three of Swords indicates head over heart and these decisions can be productive. You are on top of things and abundance is yours.


If you are thinking of starting something new then you will be rewarded with success and a sense of achievement. The Page of Cups shows that you will be able to do this in the near future. The King of Cups indicates that there is a force behind you – someone already experienced and successful, whose inputs can help you set things up well. This is also a learning experience and take this as a lesson.


The Seven of Pentacles shows financial freedom and a tidy pile ready for use. This is something you have worked for and it is now time to take a step back and reflect on all that you have worked for. But continue with your efforts to be this way and your tendency is to take things like you are preparing for a battle. There is a way to work smart as the Five of Swords suggests. You are about to start something new.


You will have to do your best to keep your feelings and emotions under control or you could go haywire considering the number of activities and things going on. The Strength card comes to tell you this. Some goals may not have been met but that does not matter. The Queen of Pentacles shows abundance and money flow especially if you are a woman born under this sign. Try to take small breaks between your hectic schedule and relax.


The Empress card tells us that you are in a good place living life on your terms. There is nurturing and also financial abundance. You are also playing the role of a someone who provides – not just things but also strength and support. The Page of Swords indicates preoccupation with the youngsters in your life and their goals and directions. You will support and give all that you can to help them reach their goals.

Chitra Mahesh
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