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It's a match! Bumble profile gets woman a job at JP Morgan

A woman’s job profile in her Bumble bio unexpectedly led to a job opportunity at JP Morgan.

Its a match! Bumble profile gets woman a job at JP Morgan

Representative image (Photo:Reuters)

CHENNAI: A woman strategically posted her job profile on her Bumble bio which also stated that she would get along with any person affiliated with the companies - JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs.

An 'X' user (@vanderwoods3), identified as a friend of the woman, referred her at JP Morgan for the position of Financial Controller.

This incident highlights the vital role of technology in networking.

Job hunting is a back-breaking task. This viral incident shows how the woman used her creative networking strategy to find a job.

It also puts forth the idea that any form of technology can become a gateway for the purposes that the users wish to fulfill.

The woman also posted a picture of her Bumble profile alongside a picture of the conversations she had with the user who referred her.

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