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Netizens goes gaga over viral video of 'dosa printer'

A video demonstrating the working of this dosa maker has been widely shared on Twitter, where it has found praise and bash from netizens.

Netizens goes gaga over viral video of dosa printer
Screengrab of the ad

NEW DELHI: Technology has made our daily lives easier in more ways than we might realise and now a company has come with a printer that prints out the beloved South Indian dish, Dosa, making the internet go gaga over it.

This new invention, dubbed the 'Dosa Printer' by netizens, from a Chennai-based company Evochef, seems to have taken people's desire for crispy thin dosas a little too literal.

Marketed as the 'world's first smart dosa maker', the brand's website states that this device named EC Flip is priced at Rs 15,999 and can make "10-12 thin dosas or 6-8 thick dosas".

As per the company website, this device, which is available to buy in metallic orange, metallic blue, golden beige and white colour options, comes with several features including customizable dosa thickness, adjustable cooking time and a 700 ml batter tank, which makes upto 10 dosas.

It even makes various types of dosas like Plain, Rava, Kambu, two colour, tri-colour and Bajra among others.

The product's ad shows that one has to put dosa batter in the printer and after pressing some buttons for preferences (thickness, crispiness and the number of dosas), the printer gets to work and pushes out A-4 size dosas, similar to how a printer gives out paper. Users can also add extras like ghee, butter or cheese.

A video demonstrating the working of this dosa maker has been widely shared on Twitter, where it has found praise and bash from netizens.

One user wrote, "Can see a use for this in most families where one person is expected to keep making dosas for the rest of the family till they're completely satisfied before making some for themself and eating alone after everyone is done. This way everyone could eat together?"

Another person commented, "The most loved person on the Internet today is the... dosa printer."

Meanwhile, among the ones who didn't like the 'dosa printer' was a user who wrote, "But you still need to get the batter. And if you have the batter, it literally takes 1-2 mins per dosa to make! Roti making machine makes sense bcoz it replaces many steps. This is not adding any value."

A second person wrote, "That price is not making any sense, someone will better make it on tawa. That machine is doing the easiest part of the process, that too at such a hefty price. 2-3k might have been a good price but 15k+ is not at all acceptable. No one will be able to get that much value out of it."

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