Do we have another Earth-like planet? Our solar system hints ‘yes’

Scientists find shocking evidence that the Earth 2.0 might be within our solar system, while they are looking out at different million galaxies for a possibility.
Do we have another Earth-like planet? Our solar system hints ‘yes’
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CHENNAI: Right from the textbooks, we would all know and be eager to draw a particular planet from it – which is, none other than Saturn, as it consists of a gigantic ring around, along with the presence of eighty-two moons- which itself looks like a mini galaxy system. The recent research shows that it is from the Titan, the biggest moon of the Saturn among the 82, hints the availability of another Earth.

Thanks to its global sand cycle, driven out by seasons for the formation of landscapes on the Titan. Also, it has a number of rivers, lakes that are filled up by the rain from the atmosphere, very much similar to the Earth but the water bodies have no minerals that is usually found in the waters of our planet.

Geologist Mathieu Lapotre, from Stanford University, along with the team of researchers are the first to spill the light on the formation of dunes, plains and labyrinth terrains on Saturn. He also concluded that the ‘liquid methane’ is responsible for the icy surface of the moon and the Nitrogen winds are responsible for hydrocarbon sand dunes.

“Our model adds a unifying framework that allows us to understand how all of these sedimentary environments work together. If we understand how the different pieces of the puzzle fit together and their mechanics, then we can start using the landforms left behind by those sedimentary processes to say something about the climate or the geological history of Titan and how they could impact the prospect for life on Titan,” Lapotre, an assistant professor of geological sciences at Stanford’s School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences said in a statement.

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