Twitterati demands fair investigation after Zomato delivery agent declines accusation

A recent video shared by one Hitesha Chandranee, an actor-turned-makeup artist accusing a Bangalore based Zomato delivery agent of physically injuring her stormed Twitter with mixed reactions.
Twitterati demands fair investigation after Zomato delivery agent declines accusation
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Chandranee posted a four-minute video clip on social media with a bleeding nose where she claimed that the Zomato delivery executive, Kamaraj, hit her on the nose aggressively after they got into an argument regarding the delayed delivery. While many netizens lauded her courage to bring this incident to public eye, others thought it was only the one side of a coin. After a media report came narrating the accused’s side of the story, twitter has been buzzing in support of Kamaraj. As per the report, Kamaraj claimed that he was apologetic due to arriving late and also explained road blocks as the reason behind it. He also added that Chandranee all of a sudden started hitting him with slippers and to protect himself he used his hands as armours. He went on saying that during this act she accidently hit her nose with her finger ring which caused the bleeding.
Zomato immediately fired the delivery executive as a compensation, although Kamaraj had been working there for the last two years. Several users found this thoroughly unethical and tweeted demanding a fair investigation of the incident.
One user expressed utter dismay saying, “Oscar level acting to gain followers by playing the victim card and ruining a poor guy’s life!!” Some of the netizens also found Zomato to be inconsiderate as it did not listen to its employer’s version. “Be ready to #boycottzomato if they sack the innocent man as they’re biased,” another user twitted. Many netizens were also seen tweeting and questioning the law of our country which treats men and women unequally when it comes to harassment

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