Greater Chennai Corporation’s corona awareness video goes viral

Chennai-based video production company has collaborated with Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) to produce an animation film targeting kids living in various settlements in the city.
Greater Chennai Corporation’s corona awareness video goes viral
Screenshots from the animation film released by Greater Chennai Corporation; Vijay Ashokan


“There are more than 1,200 slums in the Chennai region alone. We decided to do the film creatively so that every kid could be engaged and encapsulated. Instead of making a regular explainer video on how to stay away from coronavirus such as washing hands, maintaining social distance, wearing masks, etc, we understood that most kids aren’t aware of what exactly is this COVID pandemic. So we decided to do an animation film explaining what is COVID, where it got spread, how it came to India, how it’s affecting people’s lifestyle,” says Vijay Ashokan of VA Studios Productions who made the animation film.
The team created a cartoon mascot representing GCC and teaching kids to stay away from the disease. “The animation mascot that represents GCC tells kids how to stay away from the virus, how to prevent smartly in a way that kids will love, understand and remember forever. We got in touch with legendary voice-over actor Murali for the cartoon animation, who does voice acting for cartoon series like Motu Patlu, Jackie Chan Disney, etc. Prakash, Commissioner of Greater Chennai Corporation, supported us in this initiative, and the project was led by Prof. Gladsten Xavier and Uma Ravikumar,” he remarks.

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