Pre-loved Fashion – The new era

Have you heard about the saying “Old is gold” or “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”
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CHENNAI: Pre-loved fashion, it is the new trend, the new age of fashion that consists of pieces from the old age. Thrifted fashion makes high fashion affordable and chic. In Chennai too, we see a sense of craze towards thrifted fashion.

For the longest time, thrifted fashion has been popularised in the western culture of United States and has slowly made its way to India and now in Chennai. It is the second hand buying of clothes, like shirts, jeans, hand bags, shoes etc.

Have you heard about the saying “Old is gold” or “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

Well, thrifted fashion goes hand in hand with these sayings. Pre- loved goodies have a sense of modernised retro, and vintage feeling that enables fast fashion people to go with the current trends in fashion and not miss out due to its price.

With the evolvement of thrifted fashion in India, here are some trending online thrift shops that are run on Instagram, especially one thrift shop right here in Namma Chennai.

1. Escape Closet - Namma Chennai’s 1st physical thrift shop

Right here, in Adambakkam exists Chennai’s first thrift shop, housing pre-loved, vintage fashion, and surplus goodies, right from baggy Jeans, Varsity Jackets, sneakers, accessories & what not. They also ship their clothing pan India.

2. Here’s one for the sneakerheads!

Thrift Atlantis, is an online thrift store based out of Manipur, India. They are specialised in thrifted footwear such as branded retro sneakers etc. They also ship pan India and have some lovely pieces for the sneaker heads out there.

3. Still in love with the 90s Fashion? This one is for you.

Here’s 90s Thrift shop a Bangalore based online thrift store. Their focus is on Vintage streetwear like Jackets, Hoodies, sneakers etc. With 90s Thrift shop you get a chance to get your hands on some 90s pieces for a good cost.

4. Street Finds

Street Finds, another online thrift Shop houses some retro bags like The north face, Dior that cannot be found now. Sneakers like the yeezy, new balance and baggy vintage T-shirts that Gen-Z and Millennials are just frantic about can be found here.

While talking about thrifted fashion, questions might pop-up in your head, about the hygiene state of clothes, its quality & whether you want to wear a sneaker that someone else has been wearing.

As an answer to these questions, pre-loved goodies are ‘Loved’, well taken care of, completely disinfected before selling.

However, if you do plan on thrifting a piece, it is better to give it a wash before wearing and flaunting it.

So why does thrifted fashion exist?

Thrifted fashion reselling has been evolving at a high pace.

At this rate it could be worth Billions in the coming years. Thrifted fashion exists for those who have a connection with pre-loved goodies and do not want to miss out on high fashion pieces as it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Much like vintage cars, vintage architecture, there is a sense of preciousness to anything vintage.

If you are new to thrifted fashion, a great place to start off will be in the pants section. Baggy jeans is so in trend right now, and well renowned brands can be found whilst thrifting. These baggy jeans can be styled however you’d like, but to go with the Vintage, Retro feel – You can pair it with a over-sized back printed tee and a pair of your favourite sneakers.

Happy Thrifting!

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