Best summer nail colors for 2022

Should you take your manicure to the next level? These nail ideas will assist you in doing that.
Best summer nail colors for 2022

CHENNAI: The hottest month is here and its time to ditch the dark shades and accept energetic shades of smooth, elegant colors. Mojito green, delicate dim and shimmery seafoam are some of the adventurous options, but there are classic such as warm copper, splendid orange, white and grey.

Should you take your manicure to the next level? These nail ideas will assist you in doing that.

Pastel nail shades:

Pastels are never a bad idea. When you find yourself in a chill mood, consider trying this subtle colours. Not only does these shade go great with all your summer jewelry but the undertones keep your nails looking chic and clean. Irrespective of your skin tone, a pastel-toned manicure is flattering to all and is simply so versatile that it can be worn in any environment.

French tip nails

To own an intense expression in this season apply this 70’s twist to brings a fresh new feel to the trend. Applying nude nail shades defined by the white polish across the nail’s tip is sophisticated and timeless. You can paint each nail with a different dreamy lacquer and finish the look with red tips for a real statement.

Soft white

The quickest way to play up a summer bronze wear white. This pure-white polish requires just two coats to get a bright, opaque finish that makes even the palest of skin tones glow. White nails not only look super clean, but they make your skin look more luscious and tan.

Fun nail design

A great way to give your manicure some personality without adding two many colors is by picking one color and creating various designs.

Select the same basic color scheme like sunset shades for a flattering appearance and go for various finishes like Ombre, butterfly nails, rainbow dots, Mixed pattern etc. A horizontally, abstract design in rainbow shades looks new and sweet in a summer-friendly feature.

Neon nails

Neon nails are a must-wear this season. It’s just as fun during the day as it is going out at night. Ultra-bright, acid shades such as green, electric glowing blue, and yellow pop towards deeper skin are great choice. Everyone will spot this shine from a mile away, so get ready for the compliments.

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