Top 5 long-lasting, affordable picks for women’s perfumes in India

Body odour is a common occurrence, which is caused by the mix of bacteria and sweat on the skin. There are multiple solutions in the market as of now; however the most common solution to this is to replace it with a good smell. As good smell always reflects an individual’s personality and aura. The best way to smell good is to first ‘know your body’. Not just this, it also boosts the confidence of an individual. A good understanding of your body, along with how it reacts with different scents and your preference can make all the difference. ‘Perfume’ is the most used liquid formula used by people to emit ‘good smell’ across the globe. But with so many options in the market it becomes difficult for an individual to figure out which products work for them and which don’t. And hence, we have come up with the list of the top 5 picks for women’s perfumes in India.
Top 5 long-lasting, affordable picks for women’s perfumes in India
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Zara red vanilla eau de toilette: Dive into refreshing flavour of pure vanilla. The scent comprises blackcurrant, iris and vanilla notes. The perfume has a long-lasting, warm and elegant fragrance in it. The smell of the perfume has a fruity and sweet essence added to it. The packaging of the product is chic and classy.


Miniso Lollipop Pink eau de toilette: This mild-fragranced perfume is the best example of fruity and flowery balance. The packaging looks aesthetic and appealing. This perfume has a pure flowery base. Works well during both day and night.


FOGG Scent I AM QUEEN Eau de Parfum: If you want to smell great and add more elegance to yourself, add this scent to your cart. Clearly, this cologne has a pinch of bitter orange, rose, jasmine, honey-amber accord, ginger, and sandalwood in its base. This strong perfume is best for different extravagant occasions.


The Body Shop Strawberry Eau De Toilette: A perfect combination of summer and spring, this strawberry cologne has a fruity floral aroma. The irresistible unique fresh fragrance is forged from the gentle bursts of sugarcane and strawberry essence.


Skinn By Titan Celeste Eau De Parfum: Last but not the least, moving forward to a high-end perfume recommendation. This specific product from the ‘Skinn’ range has created a buzz in the market, this being one of the most loved perfume of recent times. This joyful cologne is crafted in a way that has a feminine and floral finish to it. With a tinge of fun, this exotic floral cologne brings up fresh vibes and fruity excitement.


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