Style guide to dressing up on a rainy day

Rainy days can be undoubtedly beautiful, but can seem tough on one’s fashion quotient. With the sudden brushes with rain, one can expect fashion mishaps.
Style guide to dressing up on a rainy day


But, that does not mean that you need to opt for drab rainwear. With simple tips, we show you how you can dress on a rainy day, without compromising with your fashion. Dressing up can also help you pick up your spirits, especially when the rains make you feel gloomy. Here are some aspects you need to keep in mind to ace the rainy day look.

Choose light clothing

Try to keep denims out of your looks during the rainy days as they can take very long to dry if you happen to step into a puddle and get wet. Wearing any other heavy fabrics can be a nightmare as they get heavier if they get wet. Bid goodbye to your long kurtas on those rainy days. Instead, opt for short kurtis or light T-shirts, that keep your outfit wrinkle-free and can also dry faster in rainy weather.

Keep it short

The best choice of bottom wear, especially on a rainy day, without a doubt would be a comfortable short skirt, capris, mid-length culottes or a pair of shorts. Make sure that your shorts andcapris are loose-fitting to allow fast drying when your shoes step into rainwater puddles. If dressing up for work, you can opt for apair of culottes and pair with a well-fitted shirt or a blouse.For less-casual occasions,you can go for cropped pants orshorts teamed with colourful T-shirts or tops.

Play with colours

Dressing up when it israining outside doesn’t have to be boring. Play with neon coloured layers and accessories. You can add a colour neckpiece, bracelet or a broad cuff to upgrade your outfit. However, keep in mind to avoid wooden or metallic jewellery on a rainy day to avoid them getting damaged due to the rainwater. Instead, opt for minimal, weather-friendlyand quirky jewellery like a statement neckpiece or small studs. You can also opt for a colourful umbrella to add to your look. Remember to avoid leather handbags, and instead opt for canvas totes or faux-leather clutches to keep them protected from the rain.

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