Veggie prices rise by 10 per cent after dip in arrivals at Koyambedu market

The fall in the arrival of vegetables at the Koyambedu wholesale market complex has resulted in a price rise by 10 per cent, said traders.
Veggie prices rise by 10 per cent after dip in arrivals at Koyambedu market

Though the rates of fast-selling watery vegetables remained stable, traders said the prices of all vegetables are expected to increase in a day or two as the supply from the neighbouring states is expected to reduce further.

“Usually, the market receives more than 500 truckloads of vegetables. But due to the second crop cultivation season, the supply reduced two weeks ago. With further decrease in the supply of vehicles from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the prices have increased by 10 per cent,” said P Sukumaran, treasurer, Koyambedu Wholesale Merchants’ Association.

He added that the supply from within the State has completely stopped, except Ooty carrot and beetroot.

“In a day or two, we might get less than 400 truckloads of vegetables from the neighbouring states. So, the rates are expected to increase at least by 20 per cent. It will remain stable or go up till next month,” said Kamal T, a wholesale trader at the market. Vendors like him are also worried that with the increase in the prices, the sale has remained lacklustre for the past two days.

The prices at retail shops in the city have gone up by an additional 5-10 per cent compared to the wholesale market rates.

Currently, beans are sold for Rs 65 per kg, broad beans Rs 50, carrots Rs 35, capsicum Rs 70, tomato and onion Rs 25, peas Rs 100, and cauliflower Rs 15–20. In the case of fast-moving watery vegetables, the prices at the market have remained stable from last week. Cucumber, chow chow and radish are being sold for Rs 25 per kg.

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