DT Health: Correction of malaligned teeth can get you custom-made smile

There is a growing importance of teeth alignment amongst the kids and teens of this generation because of the direct impact it has on their self-confidence and character building.
DT Health: Correction of malaligned teeth can get you custom-made smile
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Chennai: The commonly associated difficulties with mal-aligned teeth such as decay, early tooth loss and speech difficulties have been impacting the social life of kids and teenagers more than the malignment itself. At times severe malalignments can even lead to chewing difficulties which can lead to digestion issues. Sometimes the fault is not in the teeth but in the jaws.

The upper or the lower jaw is sometimes underdeveloped or overly developed, such conditions can be corrected with braces or invisible braces when noticed at a very early stage. Malalignments can lead to painful joint issues, locking of the jaw while opening mouth and restricted mouth opening.

Smile correction is the process in which we can change the size, shape, alignment and even colour of teeth based on the patient’s need. And today, procedures can be based on duration, affordability and different treatment plans. There’s the traditional metal, ceramic braces and the latest invisible braces on one hand and the other hand, you have digital smile designing with a process called veneering.

Till now, braces were the only option available for straightening teeth. Metal or ceramic brackets will be stuck onto each tooth with a wire passing through them. Since it is fixed, it comes with diet restrictions, difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene which might lead to decay and gum disease, breakage issues, wire pricking, monthly regular check-ups and visibility of the braces.

The latest invisible braces overcome all these difficulties. They can be removed before eating and brushing with very less risk of breakage and wire pricking. No monthly visits to the clinic either!

There’s also the added advantage of virtual smile simulation. You can now see how your smile and face is going to transform after smile correction, even before starting the treatment. Which also means that you can pick and choose a custommade treatment plan for yourself.

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