Organic manure sold in parks by GCC

Morning walk in nearby parks is not only good for your health but also for your terrace garden as the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) has started selling organic manure at some of the city’s major parks.
Organic manure sold in parks by GCC
Manure sold at Sivan Park on Sunday

Chennai: During the early hours on Sunday morning, the civic body sold organic manure at TCG Park, Sivan Park, Thangal Park and other parks. This type of organic manure was produced from the garbage generated in the city.

“GCC has started promoting the sale as the ideal manure for your garden and potted plants. Ultimately, we get about 10 per cent by weight as manure from the original voluminous garbage,” said Gagandeep Singh Bedi, Chennai Corporation Commissioner.

He added that around 300 tonnes of organic manure have been sold to Tamil Nadu Co-operative Federation. Loose sales are done at zonal level in the parks and the proceeds go to the GCC, which aims to sell 50 tonnes of manure each day to farmers and several households.

“We also use the manure for our centre medians, parks and others too. Loose sale price varies — it’s Rs 15-20/packet now. We’re proposing to standardise the bags and price in all zones,” he added.

Every day about 500-600 tonnes of wet waste, kitchen waste and vegetable waste are collected and sent to 208 micro composting centres and the Kodungaiyur windrow composting centre.

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