'DT Campus' GITAM’s team selected for AIM-ICDK Water Innovation Challenge 2.0

Taking serious note of the Chennai water crisis of 2019, six science and engineering students of GITAM, a Deemed to be-university, have designed a smart water-recycling system for kitchen sinks to ease water scarcity in Indian cities.
'DT Campus' GITAM’s team selected for AIM-ICDK Water Innovation Challenge 2.0
The selected six-member team from GITAM

Chennai: Based on this unique innovation, the students have been selected as one of the five teams at the AIM-ICDK Water Innovation Challenge 2.0, organised by the Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, in partnership with Innovation Center Denmark (ICDK), under the aegis of the Denmark Technical University.

The winners will represent India at the International Water Congress to be held in Denmark in May 2022.

Five students from the team are pursuing a B.Tech course at GITAM’s Visakhapatnam campus, including Anik Panja, Prithvi Tripathy, Sai Sasikanth, Rokkam Jeswin GN and Shivani Narsina. The sixth student, Rushali Mishra, is enrolled in a second-year B.Sc (Environmental Science).

The team was mentored by GITAM VDC (Venture Development Centre) coaches Vikas Kumar Srivastav and Bollem Raja Kumar. The team has also received support from the Leadership team of GITAM, at different stages to convert their idea from a concept to a functional one.

The students understand and relate to the excruciating plight of Chennai’s water crisis in 2019 and are determined to give a shot at a solution. They designed an eco-friendly and smart grey-water filtration system called Hydro Gravitricity, which is capable of catalyzing biogas. It recycles the dark grey water coming out of kitchen sinks after dishwashing.

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