AC mechanic drives away customer’s Audi, 4 nabbed

An electrical appliances mechanic who stole an Audi car from a customer’s house near Sriperumpudur was traced with the tracking system in the car to Tiruvannamalai and secured along with three friends. The accused G Vijayachandran (24) of Tiruvannamalai was sent to the house by an authorised dealer to service the ACs and refrigerators in the house, said police.
AC mechanic drives away customer’s Audi, 4 nabbed
Police officers with accused Vijayachandran and his accomplices, and the seized valuables


The car owner Ravichandran (49), a realtor, had moved to the new house at Mahindra Central in Nayapakkam village near Sriperumpudur two months ago from Ashok Nagar in the city. On Sunday morning, Ravichandran was shocked to find his Rs 90 lakh worth car and a few electrical and electronic gadgets missing from the house and complained to Sriperumpudur police station. 
Since the car has a tracking system with which its present location 
can be seen on the mobile phone itself, it became easier for police to trace the car to Vembakkam village in Tiruvannamalai. 
A team rushed to the village and seized the car by Sunday evening. Vijayachandran was picked up and based on his inputs, his accomplices Lokesh, Prakash and Praveen Kumar were also secured. 
Investigation revealed that Vijayachandran, who had to visit the house a couple of times for servicing work, hatched a plan to burgle the house and reached there around 2 am on Sunday with friends and a few machetes. However, to their disappointment, the gang found dogs in two rooms. 
Later, they reached the hall and stole a laptop, a home theatre and a digital camera. They happened to see the car keys in the hall and drove it away keeping other valuables in it. They were remanded in judicial custody on Monday.

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