This colour-based concert series has a few surprises

Mahesh Venkateswaran’s MadRasana is popular for bringing out interesting concert productions every year. This year, he will be presenting a unique concert series called Tinge that will be presenting five young artists.
This colour-based concert series has a few surprises
Vinay Varanasi; Mahesh Venkateswaran.


Five city-based artists will be performing and they have to present the concert based on how he/she interprets that colour. “There are a lot of virtual concerts happening and we wanted to present ours in a different form. That’s why we decided to introduce the theme of colour. The colours given to them are green, red, white, yellow and blue. The artists in this series are Spoorthi Rao, Sunil Gargyan, Anahita and Apoorva, Aditya Madhavan and Kalyanapuram Aravind. We have a few other surprises planned for these concerts,” says Mahesh.
The team has roped in artistic director Vinay Varanasi to curate the series. “We are doing a survey in which we ask the audience to come up with their views. The artists will take inputs from the survey and include those ideas in the concert. Those who are interested to share their opinion can mention songs for each of the colours that they know and the reason for selecting that song. The song need not be directly related to that colour. For eg, blue can be anything from the sky to water and the lyrics need not have the word blue in any language also. A few selected participants from the survey will be invited for a zoom call where they can discuss their ideas directly with the artists,” he adds.
Mahesh says that the Tinge concert will be a virtual one. “We can do a lot with virtual events — this concert will be accessible to everyone. Since the theme is colour, we are also setting the stage accordingly. As of now, we are getting inputs from interested rasikas and will be presenting the concert in the coming months,” he sums up.

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