‘Dates eaten at Iftar should be clean, fresh

During Ramadan, Muslims break their fast with three dates and water. The reason is that dates have a lot of nutritional properties. There are more than 30 varieties of dates available in Chennai but many are not aware of them.
‘Dates eaten at Iftar should be clean, fresh
Iranian Mazafati.


Jatin Krishna, the co-founder of Datelers, a venture that sells premium gourmet dates, says that the most commonly sold dates in Chennai are ajwa, kimia (black dates) and Iranian mazafati. “All these dates are imported from Iran and Dubai. In India, the fast-moving ones are safawi dates. There are three types of dates - dry dates, wet dates and semi-wet dates. Most people here prefer ajwa dates; they are the premium ones. Kimia (black dates) are very sweet and juicy whereas, Iranian mazafati are not too spongy.”When quizzed about how to identify good quality dates, he says, “The packed ones available in the market are handpicked and selected. But I would recommend washing them before consuming them. Also, you have to cut open the dates and consume. They look good outside but might be infested with small worms inside. It is common with any fruit or vegetables.” —MJ

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