Enjoy Enjaami’s social message resonates as much as its catchy beats

Soon after its release, Tamil independent single Enjoy Enjaami by Dhee and Arivu become viral on social media. The song narrates the story of dispossessed tea plantation labourers.
Tushar Tharayil and Anbu Ganapathy
Tushar Tharayil and Anbu Ganapathy


This is not the first time rappers are using music as a medium to convey what's happening in society. Though many are grooving to rap songs and making them viral instantly, is the audience focussing on the conversation such songs are trying to start? Rapper A-Gan aka Anbu Ganapathy says that rap music has definitely initiated a serious conversation about what's happening in the world. The young rapper started writing songs after realising the power of storytelling. "What I like about rap music is its storytelling style and how the audience can easily relate to it. I, generally, rap about whatever comes to my mind. We can talk about issues happening around us and people can easily connect with them. But in some cases, many don't understand the politics behind some songs — either they are not aware of it or don't bother to consider it. We cannot blame our audience. I think that's how most of us approach music," says Anbu. 
We watched various global protests in awe but didn't care to support the issues happening back home. "We are more aware of what's happening in countries like the US or UK. Back in our state, we do face a lot of struggles but are not speaking about it and don’t take it seriously. This is not anybody's fault — our system is like that. I believe independent songs have the power to convey messages. More such songs should be created to positively influence the young generation," the rapper, who was one of the finalists of Red Bull Spotlight, adds. 
Tushar Tharayil, another musician from the city, recently released a song called Home Alone that narrates his mental experiences during the lockdown. "I aspire to have my music resonate with people who may share similar experiences as I do. When I made the music, it felt very therapeutic. Rap music became so famous because it has a great influence on society. Many musicians used this genre of popular music to voice their opinion and to fight against oppression," says Tushar.

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