Carnatic music should be accessible to all: Saketharaman

Hailed as Prince of Pallavis, Carnatic vocalist Saketharaman has been teaching music to children using a unique method - music with stories.
Carnatic music should be accessible to all: Saketharaman
Carnatic Singer Saketharaman


“Though there is an immense appreciation when compared to film music, Carnatic music is not that popular among the public. To propagate Carnatic music to a wider audience, I have taken up different initiatives. The most important one among them is the school called Kala Shiksha. Through this, I wanted to make Carnatic music and Tamil Isai accessible to all without any barriers. Some students might be averse to subjects like Mathematics, Physics, etc, but nobody is averse to any sort of music —be it jazz, hip-hop or Hindustani. There is an inherent attraction towards music for everyone and I believe this is something we can inculcate at a very early age. This will help children to be great performers, intellects and listeners of classical music. I teach music to school children in an interactive, contemporary and fun manner. There is a personalised curriculum for each student based on their interests and needs,” says Saketharaman. Classes are conducted virtually by trained and accomplished musicians. The team also organises virtual parent-teachers meetings periodically. 
Recently, he launched a web series on Carnatic music titled ‘Crossover with Saketh’ to attract more people to Carnatic music. “Through this web series, I am addressing certain questions - why is Carnatic music still not as popular as a film number which is classical based? Is it elitist? Is it too complex?. This series is my way of paying tribute to wonderful compositions that are influenced by Carnatic music. I have also demonstrated that reverse osmosis is possible - which means how we can adapt from other genres of music in Carnatic music as well. My purpose is not to dilute Carnatic music to expand its audiences, but to make people aware so that they can make their choice. My approach to the programme is non-linear. Through multiple entry points, I am trying to familiarise listeners with various aspects of Carnatic music,” concludes the singer.

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