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Food photography, the new lockdown activity for many

These days, social media is filled with beautifully plated meal photos and they are a feast for the eyes. Food photography has become more popular after the lockdown and this trend has caught the attention of food bloggers and others alike.

Food photography, the new lockdown activity for many
From Ashwin?s online food photography class; Ashwin Vijayaraghavan; Madhuri Aggarwal


Food photographer Ashwin Vijayaraghavan has hosted three online classes on food photography during the lockdown period. “Earlier, food bloggers were the ones who generally post food pictures on Instagram. But after the lockdown, many got into cooking and baking. Some started food blogging and a few others turned their passion into a business. The response to my food photography classes was amazing. Each workshop had 15-20 participants. I taught them both smartphone and DSLR photography lessons. The topics we covered include an introduction to food photography, four pillars of shooting food, lighting, angles, backdrop, props and styling,” says Ashwin.

The food photographer tells us that the most often asked question is what props should people buy to start food photography. “Food photography has become a form of expression. Not only people who work in the food industry, food bloggers (along with recipes) and foodies post food pictures; even a common person post food shots once in a while. For many Instagrammers, posting food photos have become a part of life,” observes the youngster.

Food styling and photography are a natural extension of Madhuri Aggarwal’s love for experimenting with food and discovering new flavours. “I am a food lover — food moves me and inspires me. I grew up helping my mother and aunt churn out delicacies. When I moved to London after my marriage, I discovered a whole new world of ingredients that I could play around with, which made cooking a regular and fun affair. I started exploring tastes and textures and stumbled onto delicate flavours and balanced blends. I experimented with new spices and mixes. After we returned to India, I decided to follow my passion for all things food. Food photography began by clicking pictures of food I had cooked and posted them on social media. When the appreciation began pouring in, a friend urged me to pursue food photography seriously. I decided to take it to the next level by using my Nikon D90 that I had. I find the process of styling, arranging, and documenting food very fascinating and highly rewarding. My artistic visions are always inspired by the stories, people, and memories behind food, and my work reflects that visceral, emotional connection we have with it,” says Madhuri.

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