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How pet plants give instant joy during tough times

With indoor gardening becoming a favourite hobby among Chennaiites, people started considering pet plants as excellent companions that require little care.

How pet plants give instant joy during tough times
Pragya S, Gautham Srinivasan


Gautham Srinivasan, who runs Dream Green, a plant nursery in Chennai, says that like how pet parents pick up their dogs or cats to play with, plant lovers love to spend quality time with their plants. “I have 15 indoor plants in my house and whenever I return home from work, I directly go to the plants and spend time with them. Plants respond to us when we water or fertilise them, move away or towards sunlight and so on. Though I have a huge collection of plants, my favourite would be aglaonema, also known as Chinese evergreen. It is a highly decorative plant with several interesting varieties. Some people name miniature plants, but I don’t name my plants,” says Gautham. 

Pragya S considers her plants as her babies. “Some pet parents consider their pets as babies. Likewise, I consider my plants as my babies. Though my parents and grandparents love gardening, I was never into gardening. When I started my gardening journey two years ago, I never thought I would come this far. Plants teach you patience — it has a never-die attitude. Plants have helped me grow as a person and I appreciate them for bringing that element into my life. Around two years ago, I started indoor and terrace gardening. After a tiring day at work, and when I come home and see a new leaf, it brings instant joy. I have never seen daffodils (narcissus plant) in my life and decided to grow it last year. I have only heard of William Wordsworth’s poem ‘Dancing with the Daffodils’. When it started to bloom, it gave me a purpose in life. Plants are good companions for me,” smiles Pragya. 

In times like these, many have resorted to gardening to keep themselves engaged. “Even though gardening is time-consuming, we can do it at our own pace whenever we find the time, either in the morning, or evening. At the end of the day, it is a rewarding activity. One has to be very careful with plant care — you have to understand the natural habitat of the plant and try and recreate it in your house. If you get the basics of plant care, then the plant is going to thrive. My favourite plant keeps changing, at present, it is russelia,” she tells DT Next. 

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