Cams on city buses, terminals to ensure safety of women and kids

Soon, the Metropolitan Transport Corporation buses, depots and terminals would have surveillance systems with IP-based security cameras to ensure the safety of women and children who use the transport system. The Rs 72 crore project that envisages more ‘eyes’ to act as an effective deterrent for crimes against women and children is part of the Nirbhaya Safe City Project.
Cams on city buses, terminals to ensure safety of women and kids


The safety-centric solution, bids for which were invited, will include installation of cameras in the MTC buses frequented by women and children where video surveillance can assist law enforcement agencies in prevention and detection of incidents compromising their safety.
“The surveillance system involves setting up of an intelligent system consisting of IP-based security cameras installed in at least 2,800 MTC buses, and 66 depots and terminals. The system will have the ability to monitor, detect, alert and record any attempt of violence and abuse against women and children,” said a senior MTC official. Apart from setting up of a network of surveillance cameras in buses, depots and terminals, the project proposes app-based mobile device viewing (TABS); viewing stations for MTC officials, and a Command and Control Centre (CCC). The video feeds from the cameras would be monitored and analysed at the CCC. The project will involve the deployment of video and communication software for identifying persons involved in harassment inside buses, said the bid document.
The Corporation has a fleet strength of over 3,600 buses which carry around 6 million passengers every day. According to a 2016 report by the Union Transport Ministry report, the city has the most crowded buses in the country. During peak hours, buses that run on some routes accommodate twice their intended capacity of 80 passengers, the report had said.
The MTC surveillance system project is part of the first phase of the Rs 425.06 crore fund to implement the Safe City Project under the Nirbhaya Fund. The Centre-State sponsored scheme is aimed at making the city safer for women. The city police was allocated Rs 110 crore for purchasing surveillance cameras, creating women police patrol teams, cyber-crime lab and other infrastructure to make Chennai safer for women.

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