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Kabasura kudineer, other Siddha meds see surge in demand

Amid the threat of infection, residents have taken to traditional medicines to help fight the illness, and kabasura kudineer is one of them. Now, certain grocery stores and medical stares have also begun to carry the drink to cater to the rise in demand in the city.

Kabasura kudineer, other Siddha meds see surge in demand
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Tamil Nadu government began promoting the drink to boost immunity while clarifying that it does not fight off COVID-19. Two research studies by Siddha practitioners recently said that kabasura kudineer has prophylactic properties against COVID-19.

Made of 15 kinds of roots and herbs such as dried ginger, clove, radish root and cirukancori root, kabasura kudineer has seen an increase in interest and therefore sales in the city, said J Jayaseelan, chairman of Indian Drugs Manufacturers Association. “As a prophylactic medical system, Siddha medicines help fight off diseases and kabasura kudineer falls into this. People are looking for preventive measures at this time, and so there is a significant rise in interest in such kudineer in the city. Strictly speaking, kabasura kudineer should be given to patients with COVID-19. As a prophylactic measure, nilavembu kudineer is more effective,” he said.

Several larger grocery stores and medical stores are offering the concoctions, which is also available online. While there are benefits, there is a chance that excess consumption of the kudineer might cause acidity, loose bowel movements and indigestion, said Siddha practitioner Dr Varmakalai Aasaan Vijendran. “Consumption of the kudineer must be done only with a doctor’s prescription. It must only be consumed based on the individual’s health and body type. Excess consumption will not hurt people adversely but will cause issues. Self-medication is not advised,” he said. However, Siddha doctors are concerned about the quality of the products by commercial establishments, when compared to that available at naatu marandhu shops. Other medical experts feel that wholesale and commercial producers of the same do stick to industry standards and have the same benefits as the naatu marandhu shop variants. “We follow the directives set by the Drug Control Authority of India. We conduct QCs of our botany labs regularly, such as checking the quality of our raw materials like ginger regularly. There is a QC at every step. I would argue that our process is more accurate than that available at regular naatu marandhu stores, due to our processes and technology,” said Dr VM Ravichandran, factory head, SKM Siddha & Ayurveda.

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