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City writer compiles COVID-19 experiences into an e-book

City-based writer Antara Pandit has compiled an E-book book titled ‘Life during COVID-19’, which is an anthology of experiences from people across the globe.

City writer compiles COVID-19 experiences into an e-book
Writer Antara Pandit


The narratives are about how people adapted to their new normal and what their personal and professional struggles were. “I am a person who believes that sharing personal experiences can change lives; it binds people together. When the coronavirus unveiled itself nearly five months ago, I could very quickly see the upheaval that was taking place worldwide, and I knew people would be looking for various ways to deal with what was happening. This virus was causing tremendous heartache and emotional distress along the way. It was also, however, bringing families together and strengthening relationships. I wanted to encourage people to acknowledge what they were going through and at the same time, share their journey of life during COVID-19. Every person has their story to tell, and I wanted these showcased to the world, to serve as a source of inspiration and strength now and in the future. That’s how the idea of a book was born,” says Antara.

‘Life during COVID-19’ is an anthology of experiences - a tribute to the unsung hero in every one of us. “All the raw stories are the real voices of people from across cultures and generations. They have opened their hearts to give us a glimpse into their lives and thoughts, battling and embracing the new life order brought about by the pandemic. There are stories of pregnancy, family, personal growth, duty & sacrifice, business, survival, kindness & compassion, healthcare & well-being, and much more. The authors have talked about their personal and professional experiences. Baring one’s soul to the world is not an easy task, but I think the entire writing process has been a necessary one for many people,” she asserts.

Every individual has dealt with the impact of COVID19 in their way, and each story in the book has its takeaway for the readers. “The youngest author is 8-years-old! I aimed to give people a platform (including kids) to put their experiences out there so they can deal with the magnitude of what is happening. So, in short, every story I received went into the book. There have been tremendous learnings for me on the entire publishing process. Compiling this book has been extremely cathartic for me,” Antara says.

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