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Smokers quit the stick during shutdown

As the threat of the COVID-19 continues to haunt the city, there is a silver lining for a few, namely smokers in the city. The lack of availability of cigarettes, threat to health and prospect of cutting off from the addictive substance are holding back smokers from lighting another one during the day.

Smokers quit the stick during shutdown


According to Jaytesh, who smokes regularly, the supply of cigarettes in the city has been halted, with most tea shops now being shut. “Getting cigarettes at departmental stores is also very difficult because not only are shopkeepers not getting stock, but others are clearing out the products as soon as they can. Unless you get there early or talk to the shopkeeper in advance, there is very little to be done,” he said.

While the tea shop near his house is open for a few hours a day and sells cigarettes, Satish said that he is refraining from indulging himself due to health concerns. “Coronavirus is all about your immunity levels, and smoking reduces those levels. I have reduced smoking because I want to stay on the safe side. This might sound funny, but I cough after I smoke sometimes, and that stresses me out because I always think I have got COVID,” he said.

Smokers have decided to make the best of the situation, and many have decided to take the 21-day shutdown as a way to cut back on their habits. “I have been meaning to quit. The shutdown was a way to get me started. While I haven’t gone cold turkey yet, I am phasing it out as much as I can,” said Jaytesh.

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