SWD work breaks road and riders’ backs

Residents of Ramapuram complain that the storm water drain (SWD) work in the area, which started a year ago, has been left incomplete and it poses a threat to the safety of commuters.
SWD work breaks road and riders’ backs
Storm water drain work at Ramapuram


They claimed that the roads have not been re-laid and because of this, the locality is pothole-ridden and uneven. “SWD works were completed in a few areas three months ago, but still the roads have not been fixed after that. Several neighbourhoods, including Gangai Avenue, facing the same problem. Leaving the road like this is dangerous and many two-wheelers skid and fall during peak hours,” said Vinoth Ramachandran, a resident of Kannadasan Nagar.

Locals said that SWD construction works at Amman Nagar, Kurunji Nagar, Rayala Nagar are taking place at a slow pace and it needs attention.

“Taking kids to the school or even passing through these roads is challenging for us. We have even filed complaints to speed up the work. But the Corporation officials haven’t even visited the place nor work is completed. During peak hours, the situation is even worse. We don’t have space to walk. Traffic flow would be jammed for more than an hour every day,” said Kowsalya G, a resident of Ravala Nagar. “I stay on Arcot Road and when I take this route. It takes at least 20-25 minutes to cross this road. It used to take 10 to 15 minutes only to reach home earlier. Officials shouldspeed up the work,” said Purushothaman G, a commuter.

Speaking to DT Next, a corporation official said, “As soon the work is completed, we will fix the roads, if we get complaints from the public, immediate steps will be taken. Due to rain, the work has been stopped for a while.”

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