Concerned public starts social media war against official apathy

A day after Subhasri’s tragic death, the public took to social media to slam the ruling party with #WhoKilledShubashree and #AdmkKilledSubashri trending.
Concerned public starts social media war against official apathy


They shared vigorous sentiments through tweets asking for the reasons behind her death. “When will social media elites stop changing the narrative of an issue? A 23-year-old lost her life to a stupid hoarding erected for no reasonable purpose. Yet here we are discussing whether she wore a helmet, or would it be the same if it was DMK? #WhoKilledShubashree,” Makeshwaran, a twitter user, posts.

Posts on social media condemned police inaction, too, and demanded the arrest of persons responsible for the death. “Fines are only for the public who violate the rules, but officials ignore these illegal banners which took a life,” posted another social media user.

Members of the public opined that checking for helmets, seatbelts, insurance and vehicle documents is important when it comes to road safety. But it is also vital to check factors like damaged roads and illegal hoardings.

“Instead of arresting the politicians and officials who permitted to keep the banners, why did they seal the printing press. What will they do next? Arrest the machines? #WhoKilledShubashree,” Prabhakaran, another social media user, tweeted. People also shared Subhashri’s images and CCTV footage of the accident on social media and even memes were flooding on social media pages.

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