Cucumber seeds: A nutritious addition to health snacks

Seeds as snacks have been gaining a lot of popularity around the world. By now, we are all familiar with sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds.
Cucumber seeds: A nutritious addition to health snacks


We have been consuming these either as snacks or in our salads, smoothies, baked goods and soups. Whether soaked, roasted or consumed just plain, these seeds offer a variety of health benefits. Seeds are powerhouses of fibre and phyto-nutrients, and can benefit you incredibly by including them in your daily diet. With the rise in popularity of root-to-shoot cooking trends, cucumber seeds, which were earlier mostly discarded, are being added to the list of healthy snacks you can consume.

As one of the low-calorie vegetables, cucumber is popular for its presence in salads. The vegetable is hailed for its hydrating properties, anti-oxidants, and vitamins like C and K. The seeds can be consumed the similar way as their close cousins — melons and pumpkin seeds.

A recent study found that cucumber seeds contained higher amounts ofcalcium compared to seeds from other melons. Cucumber seeds are also rich insodium, manganese, iron and zincrequired for the body.

To reap the benefits of these seeds, they can be removed from the vegetable instead of being discarded. The separated seeds can be dried, stored for later use in a glass jar. The dried seeds can be roasted or cooked with a teaspoon of ghee and then tossed around with a spice mix. Add these roasted cucumber seeds to salads — either cold or warm — for that added crunch. Like to munch on chips while you work or watch a movie? Make a switch to these healthier seeds instead.

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