Motorists hit due to bad roads

The five-kilometre stretch between Maduranthagam and Uthiramerur has become unfit for motorists as rural development officials who dug up the road for repair have stalled the work midway. The officials said that the work was stopped as the State Forest Department has denied permission to continue.
Motorists hit due to bad roads
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The road that passes through Koliyalam village near Maduranthagam was laid and maintained by rural development board and is the only connect to Maduranthagam and Uthiramerur. 
Villagers said that the road was in a bad condition and had to be repaire. The rural development officials in March 2018 began relaying the road and dug out portions of it for repairs. According to the rural development officials, around 1.5 kilometer of the road passes through reserve forest. The Forest Department officials reportedly denied permission for the rural development department to relay that portion of the road. Ramesh a resident of koliyalam village said, “After the work was stopped, government buses stopped its regular operations.”
The villagers claimed that they requested the concerned officials to relay the road, however no action was taken. The residents of the village staged a road blockade too recently. They further plan to stage a stir on the National Highway.
Uthiramerur Rural Development Highway Additional Engineer P Govindaraj said, “Rs 1 crore was allocated for the road repair work. We have addressed the issue to the higher officials and soon we will re-start the work.”

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