When ‘humans’ become books for readers

Seven months ago, when Sailakshmi KV, social worker and HR consultant, began the Chennai chapter of Human Library, little did she expect that it would receive a huge response.
When ‘humans’ become books for readers
The Human Library encourages conversation between the reader and the ‘person’


But with the kind of patronage it eventually got, the library, which seeks to break prejudices and stigma through conversation among people, has dispelled the notion that Chennai does not embrace unconventional ideas. 
SaiLakshmi says, “The people we choose for the readers to interact with are vetted through a process that considers their experience and not their achievements.”
The Human Library, which was launched 17 years ago by Ronni Abergel in Denmark, is a movement where people or rather their thoughts are shared among readers. It is a place where difficult questions are raised, appreciated and answered.
So far, the library has seen several individuals being chosen for readers, including a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, a transgender, a food blogger among others. Sailakshmi says, “The idea is to maintain a 1:2 or 1: 3 ratio for readers per person. The idea is to encourage a qualitative conversation. When you read a good book, you cherish it for life. We have 25 genres for the readers, we have a cap of 80. For a person, we allot three hours of conversation.” The fifth chapter of the human library will take place today at SPI Cinemas between 10 am and 1 pm. While online registration is mandatory, spot registrations are being accepted till 8.45 am.

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