Man mistakes housewife for ex-flame, steals gold chain, keeps it framed

In a suspected case of mistaken identity, a lovelorn 30-year-old man attacked a housewife and snatched her 11-sovereign gold chain thinking that it was his ex-flame, on Sunday night. Investigators found the twisted tale of love and revenge when they found that the man had framed the gold chain and kept it at his house in Mudichoor as a memento.
Man mistakes housewife for ex-flame, steals gold chain, keeps it framed
The chain framed by the accused (Insert: Johnson)


According to police, Johnson mistook Gunasundari to be his ex-girlfriend who ditched him five years ago and got married. 
On Sunday night, Johnson attacked her and snatched the gold chain. However, instead of disposing it, he framed and kept it at his house. Only through the police he came to know that the woman was not his girlfriend. 
Currently employed in iron scrap shop, Johnson had fallen in love with a woman when he was working at a photocopy shop in Saidapet. She reportedly ditched him saying that he did not earn enough to run a family, and got married to another man.
When he visited a friend’s house in West Jones Road, he saw Gunasundari, 26, wife of Selva Ganesan, who runs a bar in the locality. He apparently mistook her to be his ex-girlfriend, but she ignored Johnson when he tried to speak to her. That is when he decided to take revenge on her.
On Sunday night he went to her house and pressed the calling bell. When Gunasundari opened the door believing it was her husband at the door, Johnson attacked her with stone, snatched her chain and escaped. 
Once home, Johnson decided to keep the gold chain as a memento for his undying love. During probe, police zeroed in on his friend based on CCTV footage which showed Johnson riding pillion with another man. The bike rider was traced using the vehicle registration number, who led the investigators to Johnson.

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