Bold campaign in city ahead of Handmaid’s Tale première

Don’t be surprised if you encounter women dressed in red robes with white hats holding placards with bold messages, when you hit the malls in the coming days. It’s part of a campaign in the run up to the Indian TV premiere of the show The Handmaid’s Tale.
Bold campaign in city ahead of Handmaid’s Tale première
A woman holding a placard with a message


As AXN gears up to host the premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale on February 5, the channel has undertaken a unique marketing campaign that will make everyone sit up and take notice. For the uninitiated, set in a dystopian future, The Handmaid’s Tale follows the life of fertile women who are forbidden to hold jobs, own property or even read. Their life’s purpose is to bear children for the rich. 
Keeping with the show’s theme, women, rather handmaids, holding placards with thought provoking and impactful messages such as ‘Women’s rights to use the lifts are revoked’ outside the lifts, and ‘Women employees are allowed only one washroom break for the day’ outside the washrooms, will be seen in malls in the city and across other metros. Without uttering a word or enforcing the rules, these women will be giving people a glimpse into the life of a handmaid and how they are forbidden from exercising basic living rights.
The premiere comes at a time when Canadian author Margaret Atwood, whose novel the show is adapted from, is facing backlash over her defense of due process for those accused of sexual misconduct as part of the #MeToo campaign.
Apart from winning eights Emmys and two Golden Globes, the show has been appreciated for the powerful performances and a brave theme that makes people question the future. The show will be telecast every Monday at 10 pm.

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