Ramnad Zamin heirs took away antiques worth 33 crore: ‘Adopted’ son

A 38-year-old man along with his wife sought intervention by Chennai city police on Monday alleging abuse, threat and illegal detention by heirs of the erstwhile Ramnad Zamin family as they did not “consider him as a legal heir since he was adopted.”
Ramnad Zamin heirs took away antiques worth 33 crore: ‘Adopted’ son
Vijaya Nachiyar and her foster son RSV Karthick Sethupathi; idols taken by other family members


RSV Karthick Sethupathi, a resident of Alwarpet, in his petition to the City Police Commissioner said that Singampatti zamindar Sankarathmajan and Surandai Zamin’s family member Sundar and his friend Sudhan had asked him to come to a restaurant in Tirunelveli to bring about an amicable settlement of properties among the legal heirs on December 12. However, when Karthick entered the restaurant he was allegedly detained and beaten up before they obtained his signature and thumb impression on plain sheets of plain paper and stamp papers at gunpoint, he alleged in the petition.
Meanwhile, a group of men led by notorious car thief Saravanan visited Karthick’s house in Alwarpet and took away antiques worth Rs 33 crore including Ganesha idols made of ivory and gold and diamond necklaces by threatening his wife Kanagamathi.
According to Karthick, he had joined as a helper to Vijaya Nachiar, elder daughter of the Ramnad Zamin Shanmuga Rajeshwara Naganatha Sethupathi and was later adopted as her foster son in 1992 when he was 12 years old.
Vijaya Nachiar had moved the City Civil Court in 2003 and formally registered Karthick as her adopted son in 2013, said Karthick. Vijaya Nachiar died in December 2016 at the age of 87.
Karthick, speaking to DTNext, said that heirs of the Zamin family could not accept the fact the a non-family member staked claim to the estate. “The family members wanted to sell a prime property located in the city and could not accept the fact that they would require my signature. They expect me not to appear as a legal heir of the estate” said Karthick. When contacted, Sundar of Surandai Zamin family said that the so-called adoption papers of Karthick were forged. “There are many errors in the documents including the date of birth of Vijaya Nachiar,” Sundar told DT Next

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