Following protocols will ensure safety, say experts

Many bariatric surgeons in the city opined that like any other operation, there are chances of things going awry in this procedure too.
Following protocols will ensure safety, say experts
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“This doesn’t mean that the surgery is unsafe,” says Deepak Subramanian, bariatric surgeon told DT Next. Patients are generally advised to undergo the surgery when the body mass index (BMI) is over 32.5 and have any medical condition linked to obesity.
 However, the deaths of patients after the surgery has been causing concern. Experts say that some of the complications post-surgery include stomach ulcer, bleeding and internal herniation. “Besides these, there are certain complications that may vary from patient to patient. If the person is a diabetic, certain protocols should be followed and likewise, with other conditions. The surgery is safe, if the protocols are followed during and after the surgery,” says Dr Deepak.  
“There are lot of procedures involved and the doctor must be aware of the complications. The patient must ensure that the centre he/she chooses has specialists. There are some doctors who get trained in small centres and start performing surgeries,” says Radhakrishna P, Sr consultant, SIMS Hospital.
It was only in September that 46-year-old woman Valarmathi of Tiruvannamalai district passed away post the surgery. According to reports, her lungs went into Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (a severe lung condition). 
According to the hospital, the family didn’t inform then that she was earlier admitted in CMC Vellore and required ventilator dependence a few years ago. On the flip side, experts point out there has been an increase in the demand for the procedure. 
Many celebrities have gone through this surgery, they point out adding that patients from across the world are coming to different hospitals in Chennai for the procedure. Dr Radhakrishna P, Sr consultant, SIMS Hospital insisted that patients must choose the right hospital to avoid complications. When it comes to Chennai, according to him, the popularity is lesser than some of the other cities. “I deal with 10 surgeries per month but there are hospitals in other cities who do 10 per day,” says Dr Radhakrishna, adding, “For one death, there are 100 success stories, but it is only the negative ones that come to light.” 

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