Judge questions police deployment at Poes Garden

The Madras High Court, while observing that police personnel were being wasted on bandobust duty, came down heavily on the sub-inspectors for lack of knowledge in even filing a First Information Report (FIR).
Judge questions police deployment at Poes Garden
File Photo: Security outside Veda Nilayam in Poes Garden


Describing the action taken report on tobacco sellers near schools and religious places as a mere eyewash, Justice N Kirubakaran on Monday questioned the additional advocate general present in the court as to what was the need for the deployment of such a huge police force at Poes Garden now. 
Noting that he noticed the same while passing by the area, the Judge questioned the need for such police presence in the area now and observed that police personal were being burdened with unnecessary deployment of bandobust duties with no time given to them to spend some time with their families. 
Referring to shabbily drafted FIRs, which would weaken a case and fail to serve any purpose, he asked the AAG as what is the use of these FIRs when every section is bailable. Expressing an opinion that the training period of sub-inspectors ought to be extended from the present one year, he also noted that deployment of police personnel for political and other unnecessary purposes failed to provide them adequate time to perform their official duties. 
However, questioning as to why the police department fails to recruit personnel with law background, the judge said that the law advisors should be there in each police station as in the present situation the SIs were unable to file FIRs properly. Justice Kirubakaran then directed the AAG to file fresh report detailing the cases filed against the sellers of tobacco products near educational institutions and other prohibited places. Further hearing on the case will happen after a week.

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