Tamil Nadu officials in jitters after Lodha’s arrest

Following the Income Tax raids on Chief Secretary’s house and office cabins and the arrest of hawala kingpin Parasmal Lodha by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), several senior officers are now keeping their fingers crossed as Lodha has allegedly had close connections with several Tamil Nadu politicians and senior police officials.
Tamil Nadu officials in jitters after Lodha’s arrest
Paras Mal Lodha being produced in Saket Court in Delhi


According to sources, a very senior police official from the state cadre had taken an offer from Anbunathan, who is said to be close with Lodha and had travelled outside the country. “Several deals have been stuck and information shared between these officials for financial considerations,” a reliable source said.
The ED, which arrested Lodha at Mumbai Airport in a masterful operation, has started a detailed investigation in to his money laundering activities. 
They have already raided several banks in West Bengal, the main area of operation for Lodha. 
Enforcement Directorate also said to have got incriminating documents from the custody of Lodha,  which mentions his deals with politicians, bureaucrats and police officers in the state. 
Sources told DTNext that Anbunathan and Sekhar Reddy had been two main points of contact for Lodha in Tamil Nadu and all the police officials who had been close to these two are close to Lodha as well.

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