TN toll plazas lost Rs.4 crore due to lack of change

The 42 toll plazas in the State have been losing an average of Rs.4.20 crore daily from November 9 as they have been allowing vehicles to pass freely due to lack of change.
TN toll plazas lost Rs.4 crore due to lack of change
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Vehicle owners and toll plaza officials are unable to provide the necessary change due to the central government’s demonetisation of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes. Toll plazas charge different rates for cars, LCV (light commercial vehicles) and buses/trucks. The rates also vary from place to place depending on the amount spent to create a national highway in that particular stretch. Rates range from Rs.39 at the lowest for cars, Rs.68 for LCVs and Rs.137 for heavy vehicles for a one-way trip. 
NHAI officials said daily collection at a plaza averages between Rs.10 lakhs and Rs.15 lakhs. Officials said they had written to their New Delhi office asking them to request the government to ensure that additional liquid cash was allotted to TN banks to ensure good flow of change for use in toll plazas. “Plaza officials have a good rapport with the local bank branch where they deposit their daily earnings and we hope this rapport will help them” a top NHAI official told DTNext .

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