‘Rich using poor people to exchange black money’

Stating that even the Prime Minister and Finance Minister had empathised with the common people and their difficulties in exchanging the old denominations, Union Minister Pon Radhakrishnan said that the inconvenience would be a temporary issue. He requested the people to extend their cooperation in the government’s effort to eradicate black money.
‘Rich using poor people to exchange black money’
Illustration by Varghese Kallada


The Union Minister was all praise for the demonetisation move of the Centre and said that it would eradicate black money and fake notes. He was sure that the move would stabilise the Indian economy. When the reporters asked why only common people were seen standing outside the banks and not the rich who have more black money, he said “the rich are utilising the poor people to exchange their black money.” On the introduction of Rs 2,000 notes, he hit back at P Chidambaram saying “The Central government officials who are handling the matter too studied in the economic institution where he studied and they know better to handle the situation.” “The demonetisation move is just a first step towards eradication of black money, in the near future similar such steps will be taken to weed out the problem,” he added.

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