User-driven ratings for healthcare

Yet another company joins the bandwagon of e-commerce players to leverage the power of a digital platform to connect with customers in the healthcare space.
User-driven ratings for healthcare
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Medadvisor is a start-up of third-generation entrepreneur Indrajit Kalidasan with expertise in retail, channel distribution sales, hospitality, global vendor sourcing, setting up an online e-commerce platform and project management.
From a year-long “stealth” mode, Indrajit’s platform is live with his claim of having onboarded 1975 pharmacies, 841 clinics and 346 diagnostic labs apart from making an online review data of 900+ across service providers available. Inspired by the success of Zomato and Tripadvisor, he felt the need to replicate the business model in the sphere of health. 
Clinics, doctors, diagnostic centres, hospitals and insurance companies are linked in a system where they can be graded on various parameters by users. Customers using the service could rate their experience and make their choices as and when need arises. Recalling the instance of a minor surgery that he had undergone in 2014, he says it led him to explore the digital medium for his search for a patient review portal proved unsuccessful. 
Deciding to launch Medadvisor on the lines of the popular travel portal, he said his vision is “to offer individuals free access to unbiased first hand reviews, to make informed choices on their healthcare service provider, reducing the uncertainty and anxiety associated with visiting a healthcare service provider.” Indrajit had a survey conducted to understand the market scenario. “We choose service providers based on recommendations and our survey confirmed this with 80% people preferring this route,” he said to DTNext.

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